MLIRD Revitalizes and Rehabilitates Moses Lake through various operations:

- Manage Dredging operations
- Manage Harvester operations
- Administer Aquatic Treatments program
- Manage the Parker Horn Pump Station
- Manage the Alder Street Fountain
- Manage North Dam Gates
- Coordinate irrigation water flows through Moses Lake
- Co-manage Lake Level w/Bureau of Reclamation
- Manage Connelly Park Recreation Facility
- Oversight of Drumheller Detention Pond & Carp Barrier Site

There are approximately 11,000 parcels within MLIRD district boundaries. Parcel assessments go toward the health and vitality of Moses Lake through ongoing efforts to rehabilitate the lake and keep it from reverting to what it once was. Property owners who pay MLIRD assessments are also invited to share in the use of the MLIRD water right where they might not otherwise have legal access to irrigation water for their land. This in itself is one reason people have chosen to become MLIRD ratepayers.

MLIRD operates under RCW 87.03 and RCW 87.84